3.5”Video Magnifier
3.5”Video Magnifier
3.5”Video Magnifier
3.5”Video Magnifier
3.5”Video Magnifier
3.5”Video Magnifier

Item specifics

Product Name
3.5”Video Magnifier
3.5 inch LCD screen
Working Time
Approx 4 hours
Continuous Magnification
Input Power
Distortion Rate
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About the Product
3.5 Video Magnifier

This 3.5” electronic video magnifier is a handy aid to those dealing with low vision and macular degeneration. Small and compact, it can come to your aid anytime, anywhere. It magnifies from 1X to 15X on its LCD screen, offers multiple display modes to suit your individual vision needs. It allows you to freeze text, adjust brightness, highlight on reading text horizontally and vertically, capture/save/recall images for easier viewing. This video magnifier is a great aid to reading, viewing maps, menus, recipes, and medication labels. 

Key Features

• 3.5”high-definition color LCD screen

• Dual camera design, get view both far and near

• Continuously adjustable magnification from 1x-15x

• Sharp full color mode and 14 other modes for reading

• Adjustable brightness of the backlight and adjustable intensity of fill-in light

• Screen Lock: freeze a text image on the screen for easier reading

• Electronic curtain function: highlight on reading text horizontally and vertically to avoid light interference

• Images can be captured, saved, recalled, and transferred to a PC

• Memory function: automatically save all the last settings

• Support voice prompt function

• Writing stand to help writing

• Turn off automatically without use for 2 minutes

• Detachable handle for easy comfortable use

Technical Specifications

Model No.: FLK-V-118

Display: 3.5”LCD screen

Working Time: Approx 4 hours

Continuous Magnification: Available

Material: ABS

Input Power: 18W

Distortion Rate: 0.5%

Magnification: 15X