4.3'' Video Magnifier
4.3'' Video Magnifier
4.3'' Video Magnifier
4.3'' Video Magnifier
4.3'' Video Magnifier
4.3'' Video Magnifier

Item specifics

Product Name
4.3'' Video Magnifier
4.3 inch LCD screen
Working Time
Approx 4 hours
Color Modes
18 kinds
3 megapixel
Zoom Rate
Memory Card

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About the Product
4.3'' Video Magnifier

This video magnifier features 1X to 42X magnification, multiple display modes for individual visual needs, the ability to freeze text and pictures for easy viewing. Those who have used this video magnifier enjoy the ability to be able to read menus, recipes, prescription labels, and even price tags while shopping in retail stores. One key feature that this portable video magnifier offers is the ability to view on larger screens by using the video cable that comes with the product. 

Key Features

• Voice prompt, two sounds adjustable

• 4.3'' LCD screen, clear picture, no lag, no smear, fluent HD

• 1X - 42X zoom adjustment for different vision people

• 18 color modes to meet different people need

• Freeze image for easy read the picture detail

• Electronic curtain function

• TV-OUT function for connecting with TV

• Power-saving design, automatic shut-down after no use for 3 minutes

Techinical Specifications

Model No.: FLK-FY408A

Working Time: Approx 4 hours

Display: 4.3 inch LCD screen

Continuous Magnification: Available

Material: Plastic

Voltage: 3.7V

Color Modes: 18 kinds

Pixel: 3 megapixel 

Zoom Rate: 1X-42X

Memory Card: 16GB