5'' Video Magnifier
5'' Video Magnifier
5'' Video Magnifier
5'' Video Magnifier
5'' Video Magnifier
5'' Video Magnifier

Item specifics

Product Name
5'' Video Magnifier
5'' LCD screen
Working Time
Approx 4 hours
Continuous Magnification
Low vision
Batter capacity
Color Modes
18 kinds
Memory Card

Product review


About the Product
5'' Video Magnifier

This video magnifier features 1X to 50X magnification, multiple display modes for individual visual needs, the ability to freeze text and pictures for easy viewing. Those who have used this video magnifier enjoy the ability to be able to read menus, recipes, prescription labels, and even price tags while shopping in retail stores. 

Key Features

• 3 button designs, simple to operate

• TV-OUT function for connecting with TV

• 18 high contrast color modes

• Continuous magnification: 1X~50X 

• Freeze image, magnification, and contrast modes adjustable

• Memory function: remember its setting from last power off

• The rechargeable lithium battery support the working time up to 4 hours Max

• Voice prompt function

• Adjustable brightness of the backlight and adjustable intensity of fill-in light

• Electronic curtain function

Technical Specifications

Model No.: FLK-FY518A

Display: 5'' LCD screen

Working Time: Approx 4 hours

Continuous Magnification: Available

Material: Plastic

Batter capacity: 200mAH

Color Modes: 18 kinds

Pixel: 1.2 megapixel (far focal), 0.3 megapixel ( near focal)

Zoom Rate: 1X-50X infinite amplification

Lens: Dual lens (near /far focal)

Magnification: 50X

Memory Card: 16GB

Size: 150*84*30mm

Weight: 245g (including the battery )