ITE Hearing Aids
ITE Hearing Aids
ITE Hearing Aids
ITE Hearing Aids
ITE Hearing Aids

Item specifics

Max. saturation sound pressure level
Output sound pressure level
Full on acoustic gain
Harmonic distortion
Less than 7%+3%
EQ input noise
Frequency range

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About the Product
ITE Hearing Aids

The in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid comes in two styles, one that fills in most of the outer ear (full shell) and one that fills in only the lower part (half shell). Since this model is bigger than the ITC and CIC, it can fit even more features and a larger battery, which will have longer battery life. This device is more visible and may pick up more environmental sounds, such as wind since it is not protected by the ear canal. This model is appropriate for mild to severe hearing loss.

Key Features

• Power ON/OFF switch, volume adjustment, easy operation

• Corresponding uncomfortable threshold properly adjust the maximum output, protect the ear

• Unique small ITE model, ergonomics design, fit in the ear and comfortable

• Low noise, low distortion, high reduction of sounds, great hearing experience

• Design match with ear, comfortable wear, not easy to fall off

Technical Specifications

Model No.: K-89

Max. saturation sound pressure level: ≤126dB+3dB

Output sound pressure: 112dB±4dB

Full on acoustic gain: 25dB±5dB

Harmonic distortion: Less than 7%+3%

EQ input noise: ≤29±3dB

Frequency range: 450Hz~3000Hz

Rated power: ≤10mA

Battery: A675