ITC Hearing Aid
ITC Hearing Aid
ITC Hearing Aid
ITC Hearing Aid
ITC Hearing Aid
ITC Hearing Aid

Item specifics

Max. saturation sound pressure level
Output sound pressure level
Full on acoustic gain
Harmonic distortion
Less than 10%
EQ input noise
Frequency range

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About the Product
ITC Hearing Aids

The ITC hearing aid is molded to fit partially in the ear canal and partially outside. This model is less visible than larger styles but more visible than the completely-in-the-ear hearing aids. Being larger than the completely-in-the-ear style enables the device to fit some additional features. This model is also appropriate for mild to moderate hearing loss.

Key Features

• Mini invisible in the ear size

• Volume control. Potentiometer adjust volume

• Excellent output performance with low distortion

• Mini ear sound hear amplifier hearing aid 

• Easy to hand on the ear, lightweight

Technical Specifications

Model No.: A-111

Max. saturation sound pressure level: ≤116dB+3dB

Output sound pressure level: 105dB±4dB

Full on acoustic gain: 30dB±5dB

Harmonic distortion: Less than 10%

EQ input noise: EQ input noise

Frequency range: 450Hz~3000Hz