How to Cook Mushroom Sausage Rice?

How to Cook Mushroom Sausage Rice?


Here’s a collection of my best pressure cooker rice one pot meals. Rice, shiitake mushroom and sausages combine to make quick, tasty meals in your pressure rice cooker. This is a great, family-friendly meal from across the globe.


shiitake mushrooms



light soy sauce

dark soy sauce


1. Soak the dried shiitake mushrooms for 20 minutes with hot water. If time permits, soak it in cold water for two hours.

2. Diced shiitake mushrooms and sausages. I use home-made sausages. Put a little oil in the pot, add sausage and stir-fry until smell its fragrant, then add a little spring onion, finally add mushroom and stir-fry for 1 minute. Add a teaspoon salt for season.

3. Put the fried sausage and shiitake mushrooms into the pressure rice cooker. Put the rinsed rice into a pressure rice cooker. Then add a tablespoon light soy sauce and a teaspoon dark soy sauce. Add water as normally cooking rice, and stir well.

4. Cover the pressure cooker and start the cooking function, and you can taste the delicious mushroom and sausage rice after about half an hour.

5. Open the pressure rice cooker, stir the rice well with a spoon, and enjoy your own food.