Types of Walking Sticks

Types of Walking Sticks


People who have difficulty walking need to use walking sticks to assist walking. Let us look at different walking sticks.

People who have difficulty walking need to use walking sticks to assist walking. Let us look at different walking sticks.

Walking sticks function

1. The crutch is the third leg of a person.

2. Expand support area and increase stability.

3. Reduce loading capacity.

4. Explore functions.

5. Have a sense of security.

There are many types of walking sticks. Today, I will introduce some representative walking sticks to everyone.


T-shaped walking sticks

The grip and the shaft are connected together and become "T". However, there are many shapes and types of grips. For example, PC+ABS are basic grip material, its strong and non-slip features is ideal for users. The walking sticks made by many professional manufacturers are mostly this type.


Height adjustable walking stick

About this type, its main bodies are connected by rubber ropes or wires. It is convenient to carry in your pocket when using it while traveling. Assembly and folding are very simple. Suitable for people who are using spare or just starting to use walking sticks.


Big Base Walking Stick

This type is more stable than T-shaped walking sticks. There is only one handle, but there are four or three legs. Large base area and high stability. Even if you bear body weight, it is difficult to fall. Suitable for people who have poor standing posture and need walking training.


Tips for buy a walking stick:

Light and strong shaft

Height suite for you

One model that is easy to hold