How to use the rice cooker safely

1. Leave a snack eye when cooking rice and stew, in case the soup overflows into the appliance and damage the electrical components. 

2. Take it lightly and don't touch the rice cooker often. Because the inner casing of the rice cooker is easily deformed after being touched, the bottom of the inner casing and the electric heating plate cannot be well matched, resulting in uneven heating during cooking and easy cooking and cooking. 

3. When using the rice cooker, pay attention to the good contact between the bottom of the pot and the heating plate, and turn the inner pot several times. 

4. After the rice is cooked, the button switch will automatically pop up. At this time, it is not advisable to open the pot immediately. Generally, it can be cooked for about 10 minutes to make the rice ripe. 

5. When using, put the cooked food into the pot and cover it. Cover and plug in the power plug. Unplug the power cord before removing food to ensure safety. 

6, should not cook acid, alkali food, do not place in a corrosive gas or humid place